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    6-song CDR EP released to coincide with the "Boltcutters to Infinity" EU tour in January 2015. Assembled by hand, limited to 100 copies, 20 remain as of 9/13/2015. Includes the 4 songs from the Digital Version, HALO "Like Woe (Remix)", and a Mystery Mix as a 6th track.

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"Bottom Falls Out" was made between Dec. 27-Jan. 4 to coincide with the beginning of the "Boltcutters to Infinity European Tour" in mid-January 2015. Initially, these 4 songs were packaged as a tour-only CD (with a few extra goodies that have been trimmed to make the physical special). After some thought and a bit of an outcry from our friends and supporters, we wanted to make this music available to everyone that wanted to hear it. Here you are. Spread the "Good News".

- Jason + Jeep 2/24/2015


released March 10, 2015

Lyrics and Vocals by BRZOWSKI
Produced by Dj Halo
Mixed and Mastered by C $ Burns
C+P 2015



all rights reserved


BRZOWSKI Portland, Maine

BRZOWSKI is a touring post-rap artist hailing from the icy wastes of New England. This road-worn vocalist has been regarded as a standard-bearer for avant-hiphop since his 1st release in 2001. Always prescient, often verbose, never for the faint-of-heart. ... more


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Track Name: Bottom Falls Out
Doomsday preppers in bunkers with guns and non-perishables
Half-steppers armoring family cars , Culpepper flags
Sterizing cutlery, emergency surgeries
Stem cells and heirloom seed shot into space
Corporate juggernauts and infowarriors turning profits from unease
invest in fear, make the long con on anxiety
Boil your water and add some expensive pills
Secured perimeter around my mcmansion
Twinkies and cockroaches will survive in perpetuity
Pig teats and irradiated meat, feed my offspring leniently
Duct taped the 22 caliber to the coffee table underside
until a family pet dislodged it, met the pound in the sky
The belt teaches discipline , the manual teaches (dis)armament
of IEDs and whatever else is ready to ignite the fomented discontents
When aliens attack the religious terrorists from television
This administration can barely protect itself from it’s own internal organs

When the bottom falls out I’m a giant among lemmings
When the bottom falls out I’m a herculean obstacle
When the bottom falls out I’m a threat to security
When the bottom falls out I won’t be left holding the bag

We’re half-loaded because the preferred ammo is backordered
soothsaying lepers are unfit for tea-partied protection
This lesson was brought to you by paranoia and contents discordant
lifetime supply of beans and propagandist advertisements
Pontius Pilate with RC drones honing explosive hydrogen
Colliding the age of coercion, self-jaundiced vicodins
Let it rip, let the walls of the Alamo come crumbling
Live on the edge of a tectonic example, shock and awe from numbness
I don’t need a helmet yet, tinfoil or otherwise reflective
My thoughts are there for the NSA to extrapolate from
My taut nerves are ground to smithereens from…. dust
My pattern is a slow motion smoke signal to mingle with decoys above
Let the accusations fly, and certain leads to follow up on
tear each other to pieces before Wally-world candied cotton rotting resting is my the gullet
served lukecold

When the bottom falls out, the roof caves in.
Track Name: Harbinger
Pareidolia, I’ll start it off simplistic
You wanted to find a vacation between the craters and palm trees
Melancholia, and Sunday picnic sadistic
A spooky sunburn w/ parasol from Edward Gorey
You’re on safari, huh? I’m not finding it impressive
Not into fun or games, but I’d lob one for the scrimmage
Catatonia, a fitful sleep a lil zinc-blistered
Pass the dustbowl, I’ll learn to make demigods in your image

I’ve been here before, where everything should be made of polished plastic
Everybody wants you to write them a freestyle for animal crackers
Smog choking all but the surrounding peaks and no one notices
The first tremor lets you know to arch yourself in a doorframe
And my face is too pale gaunt for the pacific coast highway
And these mammoth are sweating balls awaiting a newer iceage
High fashion, higher ratings and I garb like a Viking
Free tickets to Jimmy Kimmel, Hitchcock profile striking

The Lady Vanishes and Jesus Christ looks like me
Vampires in the valley are all now twerkin to the oldies
Never been afraid of skin cancer as much as crow’s feet+laughlines
Never liked full blown vitamin D exposure as a loungey past-time
Past-prime, no I’d beg to differ, my wee seminal tadpoles
When you grow legs I’ll be the first to declare you a foodsource
Selkies and swan maidens crawling from the reeking slime pools
To be spray tanned and personally trained iconic arbiters of cool

CH#2 (repeat)

Powder room will make us up, presentable and stylized bastion
Eradication of accents, so it’s non-local for televisions
I hope that bulimia follows up with ulcers and acid refluxed
To give all inferior devotees an upgrade, halitosis Dragon Breath
Offspring are accessories, same goes for house pets,
Same goes for a pill stash, same aptitude for the night sweats
Apple soda skinny jeans saggy ass mommy’s credit dictatorship
Let’s go bobbing for cocaine in a heated neon kitty pool, wasted

Get that entitlement up ,young lil’ whomever you may know
E-smokes, + gilfs dipped out in dayglow photoshoppers and superheros
From Citizen Cane, to Halo, where’s the car, I’m enraptured
And your taste suffers because Mike Nardone rightly gave up teaching
Lip service to the scepter to the scepter, retweeted from the commode
This was an indie-ground mecca, mega respect to the Blowed
Stranger in a strange land I’ve half drifted from Crab Nebula,
The wildlife is panhandling for an existence bleeding edge regular

CH #3 (repeat)